Market expertise

Exertis Enterprise aims to be an extension of each business it works with, so we pride ourselves on providing unrivalled knowledge and support across a multitude of markets. Your focus is our focus.


Exertis Enterprise provides HDDs to many of the leading broadcast and media production companies in Europe for sports, news and TV entertainment delivery. As enriched content needs to be delivered to more and more devices, the need for greater efficiency and agility from our customers with regards storage is needed.

Increasingly cloud service providers are turning to Exertis Enterprise for various HDDs and customised solutions in order to deliver the services required by their customers. Exertis Enterprise is committed to delivering innovative cloud technology, device, service and support features that help lower TCO for our cloud / datacentre customers.

Our industrial customers demand their HDDs to be more ruggedised, providing higher shock, vibration and temperature characteristics for extreme environments. These applications range from military, medical, aerospace, automotive and marine, all of which require more of Exertis Enterprise's support with the design-in process and strict lifecycle management.

SSDs for finance

Access to business critical data is an ever-growing need within IT; systems must store massive amounts of data quickly and retrieve it efficiently. Enterprise SSDs are uniquely suited for Financial Analysis, Online Transaction Processing (OLTP), Predictive Risk Analysis, Risk Management and Business Intelligence, with their low-latency and high IOPS performance. As more and more business functions move into virtualised environments or cloud-delivery platforms, any bottleneck in storage becomes a mission-critical concern. Whether as a HDD replacement or an enterprise-class ultra-low-latency PCIe storage solution, SSDs provide the speed, capacity, durability, and power advantages required to meet today’s demanding data challenges.

HDDs for surveillance

Increasing security concerns have caused governments, businesses and organisations of all sizes to invest significantly in digital video surveillance systems. Drive-based surveillance systems are now the norm, enabling users to store higher resolution content 24x7 and back them up. Standard desktop-class hard drives are designed for 8x5 operation, whereas a DVR or high end surveillance system typically runs all day, every day, recording simultaneous video streams; therefore requiring a drive that meets the 24x7 workload and performance requirements. Exertis Enterprise has a range of drives suited specifically for surveillance market solutions and also offers our SecuriStore range of servers designed for IPCCTV and security.